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The first construction company held a meeting of the internal supervision committee

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On the morning of August 21, the first construction company held a meeting of the internal supervision committee, the company's leadership, the main person in charge of the internal supervision Committee office, the meeting was chaired by Sun Renfa, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company and general manager。

会议学习了《365体育亚洲唯一官网入口》,Listened to the development of the main work of internal supervision in the first half of the year,Heads of member departments reported on the progress of the comprehensive deepening of reform, the general inspection of comprehensive management in the first half of the year and other supervision and inspection work,The leaders attending the meeting put forward specific requirements for the key work of supervision in the next step。

Zhang Zhisheng, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, informed the provincial enterprises at the meeting of four violations of the central eight-point mental typical problems, he asked party members and cadres to take a warning, always do not step on the "red line", do not cross the "bottom line", do not touch the "high voltage line"。

Sun Renfa stressed in his concluding speech that the member departments of the company's internal supervision committee should cooperate with each other and work in the same direction, give full play to the supervisory role of various functional departments, and firmly grasp the internal supervision and management。For the next step, he asked,First, focus on major decisions and deployments at higher levels.Strictly implement major decisions and deployments such as comprehensively deepening reform and promoting innovative development, continue to supervise and inspect the progress of key work such as comprehensively deepening reform and promoting innovative development and overall relocation of the company, and ensure that the decisions and deployments of the Party Committee of the Group are effective。Second, we will focus on the priorities of oversightPay close attention to the key links and important areas of project management, standardize the bidding and procurement at the branch level, accelerate the "double clearing" work, strengthen the management of capital and labor costs, strictly control non-productive expenditures, and promote the implementation of cost control。Third, focus on the effectiveness of oversight and management.We will carry out detailed daily oversight, push forward oversight, find out the causes of prominent problems found in inspections, audits and special supervision and inspection, take measures to make up for shortcomings, and firmly and orderly promote the implementation of all work around the set goals。Fourth, focus on the quality level of supervision,Integrate the supervision forces of various functional departments, improve the ability to perform duties and find problems, further improve the company's system, consolidate the basic management of projects, promote the internal supervision to improve the quality and efficiency, and provide a strong guarantee for the company to accelerate development, transformation and high-quality development。

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